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  • in reply to: 63rd Annual Meet #465871

    Many thanks to Karl & Mary Krouch and their crew.

    They put on an outstanding PAS Meet.

    I agree with David Coco about the food, as it just kept coming.

    Excellent on all levels.

    in reply to: 1927 Series 80 Coach Side Window Channels #465838


    I believe that is a very difficult job.

    I considered it a few years back on my Series 80, 7-Passenger DeLuxe Sedan, and then changed my mind after understanding the complexity associated with R&R including adding new Felt in the channel.

    Lots of Tiny Screws hold each channel in place, EESCH!

    Do you really want to take the doors apart to access the full length of the channel?

    Maybe You Do!



    in reply to: Old Cars Golden Quill awards 2020 #465379

    Gents and Ladies,

    The Golden Quill Award was also presented to The Emporium, the editor of which is Rick Morrison.

    Congratulations, Rick, Roger and David for your editorial excellence.

    Thank you Elizabeth for your keeping everyone in line.


    in reply to: ’35 Parts anyone. #465354

    There is one of those radio speaker grills on eBay.

    in reply to: The Arrow – Roger Sherman #465231


    Thank you for the reminder about Roger’s magnum opus, that stares me in the face whenever I lift my eyes from the keyboard and look at my bookshelf.

    It is a fine compendium and BRAVO for Roger for putting in the effort to compile such a masterwork.

    It is not necessarily easy, or exciting reading, however it is an comprehensive treatment of the career of one of the founders of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company.

    We are lucky to have Roger on the Pierce-Arrow Team.



    in reply to: Series 80 top questions #465058


    I guess that I have time on my hands!

    The Drip Edge Molding is available at Restoration Supply and their catalog shows it on Page #29, Item number MOU043.

    Below, I list a link (at least close to the correct page).



    in reply to: Series 80 top questions #465056


    Did you trim the top material, as in its width, or did you trim the padding off from under the the original width of the material?

    David Coco it an expert on upholstery, so shortly, he should chime in to offer advice.

    However, if you cannot make the material stretch from side to side, with or without padding beneath, you likely need to start over with new stock.

    Oh well, it is just another few hundred $$$!  ;-(

    Further, do you have the drip rail yet?

    If you do not have one in your pile of parts, you should have one made to install, as it will act as the facia, under which the top material should reach, but that may have to wait.

    Your Series 80, DeLuxe Sedan is Grand and will be better after you work on it for a few hundred hours.

    I cannot tell you how many hours / days I spent lying on my back on a creeper staring at the underside of my Series 80, while I tried to figure out how it worked, what it was missing and cleaning it up.

    That was all before installing the many eBay find missing parts.

    Your car will be great, it will just take some time, so be patient and do your best to only repair / replace things once or twice.  HA!

    I hope to meet you in Pennsylvania.





    I believe that I previously contacted you about wanting one, so please reserve one for me.

    Thank you,


    in reply to: 1926 Pierce Model 80 Plug Wires/Connectors #465023


    Those connectors are pretty standard for old cars that had distributors.

    You need to go to Restoration Supply to find most of what you need.

    Below is a link to get you close to what you are describing.

    Questions?  Post them.




    in reply to: The Optima RedTop 6V Battery Deal Starts on 22 March #438887

    Gents and Ladies,

    The OPTIMA, 6V, RedTop BATTERY DEAL is DONE for 2021!

    Let us hope that Optima Jim / Optima Battery will run The Deal again next year.

    Thank you for your participation.


    in reply to: Series 80 top questions #433676


    My Trimmer License was taken away from me because of my use of squishy words.



    in reply to: The Optima RedTop 6V Battery Deal Starts on 22 March #433674

    Gents and Ladies,


    Get your Batteries while there is time remaining, otherwise you will have to wait until 2022.



    in reply to: Series 80 top questions #433660

    Hello Gents,

    I agree with David.

    The top material on my Series 80 is slightly squishy on the top, and the squishiness reduces as it heads around the side radius that goes to the drip edge.

    By the time the material reaches 1.5 to 2-inches above the drip edge, it seems to be glued directly to the top’s sheet metal.

    Also, how thick is the top material, as it appears to be a bit thick?

    I’ll root around for a piece of the material that’s on my top (I think that I’ve seen it somewhere in the past 5-years) and send you a small piece.

    I recall that it is about the thickness of construction paper, but of course much more flexible.

    I hope that this helps.


    in reply to: The Optima RedTop 6V Battery Deal Starts on 22 March #428084


    Did you have any luck by calling Optima to figure out how to have the battery delivered to your home?

    I recall that I was once a visitor to your homestead with Col. George on one of the Modoc Tour weeks.

    I recall a passel of barns, sheds and car trailers, each filled with an Absolutely Glorious pre-war vehicle.

    You have a nice, but largely hidden, collection of beautiful motorcars.

    OOPS, the secret is no longer a secret!

    You better stop feeding those Junkyard Dogs so that they can aggressively fend off any potential vehicle snatchers.



    in reply to: Series 80 top questions #428083


    BTW, the top material is Not the correct pattern, but it was installed in the late 1980s and that was what was available at the time when my Uncle Joe owned the Pierce.


    in reply to: Series 80 top questions #428081


    I attach a photo for your review.

    The top drip molding runs from the top of the rear window (it drops a bit down around  the curve of the rear window), up and around the windshield and back to and around the top edge of rear window on the other side of the car.

    You cannot see any tacks when you look at the molding.

    If you want more detail, be in touch via email at



    in reply to: Series 80 top questions #428074


    There are a lot of Series 80 Gents out here who have a good stash of parts, whether they admit it or not!

    When you get together a list of parts, you might post what you need and maybe someone will cough one up.

    A Barn Find Series 80, DeLuxe is a gem, so go slow in any refurbishment.

    Also, get that Puppy to some PAS Meets.

    Be in touch and show us some photos.



    in reply to: Series 80 top questions #428065


    That is a very nice Series 80, DeLuxe Sedan!  A Great Car!

    I love its original condition and color.  Excellent!

    The material on your top looks like naugahyde (thick) and not what the PAMCC installed.

    The tacks holding it on look to be the size of dimes, well, smaller, but they are still pretty big.

    I will take a look at mine later today, or tomorrow, and send you a photo or two.

    The original material was a lizard skin style material, or something like that pattern of material.

    Regarding the drip edge, well, I’ll look at that later and determine if I can determine how it is attached.

    You also seem to be missing the front windshield visor.

    Do you have that piece?

    There are a bunch of Series 80 Boys in the PAS, so I am confident others will chime in!

    More later.



    in reply to: The Optima RedTop 6V Battery Deal Starts on 22 March #428050


    Your address is listed as a PO Box.

    Is that what you are using to have the Optima delivered?

    If so, that may be the problem, as I can only get mail and SOME packages sent there.

    For certain things I order, they need to go to a Physical Address, especially if they are Hazardous in any way, shape or form.

    Check it out.


    in reply to: Penray Penncool 2000 and Pencool 3000 #428046


    Have you ever tried to run a Hot  Radiator Flush with your radiator?

    In my early days of owning Chauncey, my Series 80, I had cooling problems that I could not solve.

    I ran Radiator Flush through it, idled for an hour or so, drained it and refilled with water.

    It was better, but not superb.

    Before the next driving season, I removed the radiator (not a really big job) and bought 6-gallons of 10-Mol Acetic Acid (vinegar), laid the radiator across two sawhorses, boiled a large pot of water, poured some of it into the bottom radiator pipe (with the top pipe plugged with a rubber bung), added one or two gallons of the Vinegar and let it sit for 30-minutes.

    I then bunged the bottom pipe, stood it in end (top up) and pulled the bottom bung and flushed it with warm water.

    I repeated the process two more times.

    Finally, I flushed it with Cold hose water.

    Of course, I was wearing expendable clothes and industrial grade rubber gloves.

    That did the trick.

    Over the years, the radiator apparently accumulated serious globs of water pump grease at the bottom that wouldn’t completely dissolve through normal running.

    Normal hot flushing of the radiator while on the car wouldn’t even touch the grease, let alone dissolve it.

    After that intervention,  Chauncey ran very Cool and then I acquired a Greaseless Bering water pump, so no more grease accumulation at the bottom of the radiator.

    Now, that water pump is out for a rebuild (after 8-years of run time) because it was weeping ever so slightly, and I have a Grease Bearing type holding the water in place. I haven’t driven the car much since I removed the other pump, but I will in the next few weeks.

    Just a few thoughts on the matter, even if when you drain your radiator the water “appears” to be clean, you may have accumulated grease in the bottom of your radiator.

    Keep us posted!





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