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    Could anybody help me to identdy this Norwegian Pierce. My Guess is modell 33 (?). I think they have mounted new larger Wheels as well.



    The Pierce Arrow in the photo appears to be a Series 4 or Series 5 48hp with modified wheels.


    Possibly a Series 4 seven passenger 48. Vents on top of hood are Series 4 & child in jump seat looks like a 7 passenger touring.


    As Oivind says, 48-B-4 or -5. Series 5 also had the hood vents. Series 51 (and 31) did not, although some say they could be ordered as optional equipment.

    Looks like a 7-pass touring to me as well.


    Clearly a Series 4 or Series 5,a Series 3 would have lower body sides.I wonder if this car still exists.



    I did notice that this car has step plates. Makes me more comfortible that i put them on my 29.

    The car in the photo looks huge. Maybe just the angle but is a very cool auto.



    I believe that what you see as a step plate is not an actual step plate. It’s a a mat to clean your shoes before you get into the car, usually made of coconut husk or kapok.


    Sorry to say but this Pierce does not exist any more. I just try to find out if the car on the enclosed photo is the same.


    Not sure if it is the same car but this car appears due to its size to be a Series 4 Model A-4 66hp with the Westinghouse shock absorber option.It is clearly a seven passenger touring car.


    Oivind, you need to start sharing these photos on the Pierce-Arrow Museum pageon Facebook, they are great photos.


    At last I found the owner of the first bad photo and have receieved a new scanning. Now it may be easier to determin the model and de year?


    Thanks for sharing.. Post it on the Pierce Arrow group on Facebook also……

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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