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    Dates and location of the 2020 Winter Board Meeting? Can’t seem to find it?


    Tony, there is a posting “2020 Winter Weekend-Williamsburg Virginia”” about 15 posts down the Message Board list that has the information. Dave


    It may be a matter of tradition, but It should be listed under ACTIVITIES and ANNOUNCEMENTS, not on the Message Board!


    I agree with Peter, meetings should be noted with any activity


    I agree with Duane on occasion.



    I occasionally don’t agree with you, BUT I ALWAYS LAUGH at your COMMENTS!

    You are a Good Man, Tony,




    A little dose of mirth complements the deadly serious conduct of Society

    discourse. The exhaust from your cigar reminds me of Roland Zillmer, a large

    influence on my pre-teen old car love fest. He had 4 pre-15 Pierces plus

    the Tyrone Power Pierce which I got a ride in. My ’12 Pierce was purchased

    from him. Leo Parnagian’s ’11 was owned by him and it was driven several

    hours on the freeway on the way to be shown at Pebble Beach. Roland is the

    only person to ever exchange a Dual Valve White for a Pierce-Arrow. He

    will always be in my memory bank along with Leo and certain abusers of

    aromatic nicotine.



    It is wonderful to have excellent memories of mentors.

    I did not know Roland, but I knew Leo and he was a Real Man.

    He once commented longingly on my cigar smoking, but declined my offer of one for him to burn.

    It is a shame and I wish he would have taken it, for he died within a year or so.

    It would have been a high point for me to have smoked a cigar with Leo.

    Cigar smokers know that burning “sacred tobacco” is an investment in personal leisure time.


    PS: To amend my previous comment, I now substitute SMILE for Laugh. Thank You.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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