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    Would anyone be able to forward a picture or diagram of the wiper arms for my ’36 club sedan? More specifically, are the arms straight or do they have an angle at the base of the windshield? Also, is the plane of the arm parallel or perpendicular to the windshield?


    1936 1602 Conv Coupe.



    Thanks for the photo and apologies for the delay but my computer started to go haywire.


    No worries!


    Closed the windshield on one of my arms on my ’36. Bought new pair from Max Merritt. $400. Not a typo. Gathered up some others from here and there. Could bring one to Indiana, be prepared to pay half my cost. I have spares of everything. Surprised I had not accumulated some of these. Reason: there just ain’t none around!



    You said I must kill a neat and cut off its feet to service my BK brake system. Now, must I find an angel to bend my wiper arms on?




    You of all the people I know have first hand knowledge of how significant the use of an angel is in restoring your car. The more you have the better…….extra’s always come in handy. Tough to find at swap meets anymore.


    Does this really lead us to Thomas Aquinas’ question: How many pins can you bend on the head of an angel?


    All these years I thought St. Thomas Aquinas said how many angels fit on the head of a pin.



    Ed’s first post above.



    Damn it. Another life long screwup.


    Yes Bob, having a neat is very important when working on the late series brake system, as having a nauga if you are going to replace your interior. Skinning a nauga is a lost art. Seems the auto select is punching in words when I don’t realize it. I don’t always type with my glasses on either, add the fact we can’t edit our posts, and the error stays up for life……….

    And while typing this short tome, the dam thing used three incorrect words……but I managed to read it before posting!



    Great 1602 convertible coupe!

    What did P-A call that color blue in ’36?

    Factory colors included a “Lombardo Blue,” is this it?

    Are you bringing the car to Indiana next month?



    The car is in California for a show three days before the PAS meet, so we will bring it to the 2020 show. It’s in the family of Lombardo Blue, but not quite such a flat or Matt color. Same shade, just a bit more pop. Looking forward to seeing everyone in two weeks. All my best, Ed

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