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    I started working on my window regulators’ They were very rusty (bottom one) and didn’t move well, if at all. I dumped them into a bucket of Evapo-rust, Ed’s favorite, left them for a couple of days and got the attached results.

    All the rust was disolved and the grey slime covering just washed off with the help of a scrub brush. Under the rust there was still some black paint which in the picture looks a little like rust, but all the rust is gone. All the winders worked now, including the window track rollers and just needed to be lubricated and a new coat of paint.

    One problem though, is all the widers had the regulator spring broken (upper left corner). Anyone know of a source?

    In short, I thought this was going to be a real chore, but I was very pleased with the Evapo-rust’s performance and it eliminated the need for disassembly.


    I get 10% of all money spent on Evapo Rust used by PAS members. You can pay me in Crown Royal drinks at the Pennsylvania Meet next year…….👍


    Ah!!! Edgar the rusty one!!! Lotsa fun



    Check out Springs custom made (in small numbers) under chassis in the

    parts & services section.


    Bill, take a spring, Take a photo, make it full life-size. email it to me. I have a bucket of springs. I ought to be able to match your broken spring.

    Or I could ship you the bucket of springs you pay the freight each way.



    I use them to store fly fishing reels. I will stick with my Pappy Van Winkles


    Seems this thread has taken on a non technical air.


    Have just bought some Evapo Rust here in the Land of Oz—-84 bucks for one litre! Almost a expensive as pink champagne. Sure hope it tastes as good!



    Jak, that’s insane. While it works great, and particularly well in cooling systems, citric acid used in wine making would work fine on parts that will never be seen like the window regulators.


    Thanks Ed

    Maybe I will use the citric acid in the cooling system & drink the Evapo Rust!!! I sure could by a VERY good bottle of wine for the $84.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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