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    Does anyone have a spare window glass for a Series 80 Coach drivers side door or recommend a source. Thank you, Tom Abbott



    I don’t know about the door glass, but I had to replace my windshield, both top and botton (Series 80 DeLuxe – split windshield) with modern flat safety glass.

    The top piece was easy, as t is just a big rectangle.

    However, the bottom piece has a very nice CURVE that took three pieces of glass to get done without breaking it (that was killing their profit margin).

    If you can get access and remove the window mechanism, and also have the glass dimensions (perhaps, including thickness, any good Auto-Glass shop should be able to create one for you and perhaps install it on your mechanism.

    Then re-installing it without breaking it will be up to you or your “man.””

    As long as it is not a windshield they may not need to attach a “”bug””.

    The “”bug”” is the design / identification image that lives in the lower corner of every windshield and most side windows.

    I believe that it indicates the glass is Safety Glass.

    I hope that this helps.

    Merry Christmas!




    I just got a windshield for my ’65 Morgan cut to size by Whitman’s glass in Carrollton, GA. It was $60. If you can make a pattern they can duplicate it.

    I am in Berkeley Lake and I must have tried 20 glass shops in the Atlanta area and none of them wanted to fool with my windshield.

    Whitman’s is like going back into a glass shop of the ’60’s or earlier. Very nice people. I gave it to them today at 11 and will have it Monday.


    Hello All,

    The Bug is for Saftey Glass. I had a set of Glass made for a Street Rod that I am going to show and they put the Bug on all the Glass in a visible area. It was to ovious so we had the Glass Company redo the Glass without the Bug. They were reluctant but we convinced them to do it. We didn’t want the Bug showing and distracting from the rest of the car. We saved the receipt incase we need to prove that it is Saftey Glass.


    Is your Passenger Glass the same as the Driveside? If so it should be easy to make the Glass. Use the Passenger side as a pattern.

    Good Luck,



    There is no requirement that the glass has a mark. It’s very easy to determine safety glass in place.



    On the replaced windshield on my Series 80 (DeLuxe sedan, top/bottom split window), the Bug is on the lower section / bottom right-hand corner.

    I covered it with my State Inspection sticker.

    Where there i a will, there is a way.



    The door glass on my Series 80 coach is flat as Kansas and should be no problem to buy. I have receipts which indicate it is all new safety glass but none of it is marked as such.


    Helo Thomas.

    The original glass was plate glass. When Plate glass breaks it breaks into large, pieces usually like a ahdfull of swords and daggers.. and with you or othe ripple in th ear so close to the glass, It is advisable to replace it with safely glass,

    Original glass is nice, but safety glass is a much wiser and safer choice.

    Greg Long


    Thanks for all 5e responses Whitman’s in Carrollton is making the glass.


    When we bought our 25 Series 80 I couldn’t fit behind the wheel. I am also 6’2″ plus. I have a 32 inseem and size 12 I could barely fit through the door. I had to loose some weight. Now I fit in pretty well and enjoy driving. Greatful for loosing the weight and now the experience of driving our Pierce to shows.”


    Ken and Twila: That is a great example of ‘Where there is a WILL there is a WAY’ !

    Greg Long


    I had to resort to the same solution for our 1247 EDL!


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