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    I need the parts that make the wind wing Window crank open and shut. That part on my 1934 840A Club Brougham is broken. Its pot metal and can’t be repaired. Does anyone have any of these parts or know where I can find them…??? Thanks, Rich Anderson 206-240-9434


    Rick, I have an 840 parts car. Can your parts be reproduced? I am no mechanic and would have to see a photo to identify the parts on my car.If they can be reproduced, within reason, I would investigate doing that. I hesitate to sell any parts, because I have another 1934 Pierce 840A needing restoration.


    Does anyone know if someone has reproduced these ?…..As I dig in deeper into my car I find that I now have 2 of these units with the pot metal all broken up. See the photos !!!…..If anyone else needs these, I can get some castings made…..Call me: Rich Anderson 206-240-9434…..Seattle time….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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