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    Attached is a photo of the grease cup on my Model 81 water pump. I have seen others in photos that appear to be brass, and this looks rather like one for sale from Restoration Supply. Wondering if anyone knows if this is an original 1928 grease cup for the MKodel 81, or if I ought to have something different.

    Jack Davis


    Hello Jack,

    This is the grease cup off of my series 81 7 passenger sedan. Since you had mentioned a brass one I figured I would see if this one was right


    My 1928 Series 36 has the same one that Robert shows in his photo. It is nickel plated brass.


    Thanks guys. So it looks like mine is an after market replacement, maybe from the 1970s-’80s restoration that I am now “undoing.”””


    Robert’s looks like the one that was on my Series 80 car. New ones are available. Yours looks like the grease cups on my 29 Model 133.


    Jack that looks like ones on my 29 133


    I’ve ordered from Resto Supply a cup that is virtually identical to the ones you other 81 owners have. If the one I have in my photo is from a 29 model and anybody needs one, I’ll happily part with it. As you can see in the photo, it has a lot of years on it, making me wonder if it is an original 29 and was retrofitted on my pump when my car went through later restoration?



    My 1927 Model 36 is like Robert R except his is missing the spring that keep it from being backed off. I will try to get a good pic so you can see the spring.


    Here is the pic of the spring and grease cut on my car


    Charles–Your picture apparently didn’t come through.


    Oh, OK, it just came through. Thanks.


    I have a slow computer.


    Look in the parts and services section to the left. Restoration Supply has various types. If I remember correctly my Series 80 had one like the last one they offer. Parts book may also show a picture.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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