Visited a 1921 truck Friday….

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    Went on a picking trip Friday, one of the stops was a fellow restoring a ’21 truck, want to say it’s a 20 ton? It’s a big boy for sure. The good news is that he’s a young fellow who loves old cars, he used to be a member of PAS and I’m pushing him to rejoin……


    No doubt it’s a Pierce!


    1921 X5 Two Ton Project Saturday, 17-Sep-2016

    Put truck in the search box on the Message board index page and scroll back to 2016 it should be there, I can not get a URL link to work because of the password issues.

    Here is the thread from when Bill was a member and was very active in working on this truck, Karl


    1921 X5 Two Ton Project

    General / Travelodges & Trucks

    William Props


    Scroll back to 2017 not 2016, this is the date of the last post. you will find it there. Karl


    Guess he’s slowed down on build, I will say a lot of the painted parts were dusty!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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