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    Over the winter I patched a silver  dollar sized hole in my exhaust. The hole was located on the top side of the exhaust just behind the bellhousing. I went to start the Pierce for the first time since patching the hole, and not only was it hard to start, but when it did start, vermiculite blew out the exhaust pipe. The car hesitated and ran rough for a 12 mile drive. I then parked the car for about 3hrs and proceeded to drive 24 miles without a problem. I am guessing the exhaust was clogged up with vermiculite and some of the pressure was being relieved through the hole that I patched. By plugging the hole I caused back pressure leading to the poor running until it cleared out during my first trip. Was vermiculite a common material used in making pre-war exhaust?  Can the process of engine vacuum testing be used on these older cars?


    Ryan Riggin

    1932 Model 54 5 passenger

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    Are you sure that was not a mouse nest?  They use whatever material they can find.  Don


    I suppose it could have been a mouse nest. I do not have vermiculite at my house so the vermiculite would have had to come from my great uncle’s garage and stayed in the exhaust for the last 2 years.


    I would agree that a mouse – or their family – was the way the vermiculite went into the exhaust.  Not sure where it came from.  If it was in the garden to soak up water for the plants, then it is OK.  If it used as insulation, it may contain asbestos if it was installed before 1978 when it was banned for the health of the installers who inhaled the dust.

    You have cured the problem by welding up the front door of the mouse’s entry way, so should not be an ongoing problem.  Best of luck with it. Herb Tull

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