Upcoming Sotheby’s Auction for 1936 Pierce Arrow

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    Can anyone comment on the condition of the 1936 Pierce Arrow Eight coming up for sale on RM Sotheby’s auction on February 22. This car was apparently owned by the late Bernie Weiss , a long term member of the PAS. According to the auction’s inspection report most items on the car are rated either a 2 or 3 condition. The pictures look good but the status of the car’s running condition is unknown. From my experience, many classics look great but because they are rarely driven, are not really roadworthy.

    Please feel free to email me with your comments and thanks in advance.

    Jim Palmer



    @Jim – sending you an email…


    I can’t get the photos to open at the RM site. Looks like a very nice car to me………the 1-5 condition code is meaningless. The car should easily hit 50k from what I could see.


    The car sold for $44,000. A ’36 Packard with a questionable but serviceable interior and original underneath that might be nice to be seen in at the grocery store, sold for $16,000. My wallet is happy that I wasn’t aware of this sale before the car sold. A large number of cars went home with new owners, but their old owners had their crying towels out. A comely Kaiser Darrin was expected to do upwards to $200,000. It sold for $125,000. The buyers of the Pierce paid a fair price and the sellers will not need grief counseling in this hard to call market. There are so many lucrative places to park your investment money instead of paying storage on a collector car, like stashing it under your matress for the rainy day heading our way.


    California could use some rain.

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