Truck distributor for sale, not mine

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    Was approached at Hershey by a gentleman with this distributor for sale, understand it’s a 1925-up truck distributor. He was asking $500.

    I have no interest in this, nor is it mine, but if anyone is interested email me and I’ll send contact info. It may be sold. He was walking around Hershey with it and stopped at my spot.


    I’d like to see documentation on that.. I wonder WHAT engine it is supposed to be for?



    It looks very similar to the late S33 / S36 distributor. Mine are Delco and the primary connections and cap clips are in a different location, otherwise pretty much the same. I have been told that DeJon distributors were also used on these cars.

    Didn’t the Fleet Arrow trucks of the 20’s use the Dual Valve six engine?

    This is the best photo I could get of mine.



    I know nothing, and the messenger has been appropriately shot! One never knows when someone is looking for something specific, so I felt remiss had I not passed it on….


    The 20’s trucks did use the Dual Valve engine. About 1927 they came out with a lighter series that used the same engine as late Series 80 and 81.



    Dave I can’t see the top, is it for a 6 or 4 cylinder engine? I have a 4 cylinder Delco dual distributor that looks just like that one. I think the one I have came from an earlier vintage Pierce-Arrow truck. Does someone have the numbers to verify? I have a use for mine but sadly it will not be on a P-A truck.



    To all, David sent this to me first, thinking I might need for my truck. I told him it was later 4 cyl truck. It fits 1924-26. You will see it and my dual cap distributor used mostly to replace unrepairable magnetos for Stutz dual plug 4 cyl engines. They pay $$$ for them and get another Stutz back on the road. Two early ignition guys rebuild them and its a great replacement for them. With the manual advance arm its the ticket. That said, I know of no truck owners who need it. The cap is harder to find than the Distributor. It would be a great pencil holder for anyone’s desk! It could be your reason to buy a truck to put under it! Karl


    i like that: a pencil holder for your desk.

    I knew that Pierce used the Series 80/81 engines in the mid ’20’s. I’ve been helping a PAS member in Wisconsin get his 6-cylinder truck running and on the road..

    Ernie Follis had a late ’20’s or early-’30’s Pierce truck with a Non-Pierce engine. It looked like it might be a Continental.

    And of course I’ve seen Karl’s early 4-cylinder, T-head, dual spark plug engine with a Dual-Delco two-cap distributor.

    What I did not know was that the 4-cylinder engines were used into the mid-’20’s, and the the transition from a Dual-Delco two-cap distributor to a single-cap distributor happened in the truck engines like it did in the S33 engines.

    In the original photo posted by David, I could not see enough to realize the distributor had a magneto type morning base and enough of the cap to count plug wires and see if it had single or double coil input.

    It is interesting to see that the truck lines and engineering somewhat followed the car’s engineering. There is very little written on the Pierce trucks.

    Greg Long


    Near as I can tell from the cap it’s for a seventy-eleven cylinder car…or truck..


    David and all, well… 12 pencil holders makes it 1927 and up Truck, not the 24-26. The first change over to 6 cylinders. Ernie’s 1930’s truck has the non-Pierce-Arrow Hercules engine. Karl


    It’s pretty impressive looking in person. Had he been asking a couple hundred I might have bit, but for 500 I can hire a high school kid to hold my pencils!



    In the day, DeJon made high end electric pieces for Pierce-Arrow.

    My Series 80 had a DeJon Starter on it when I acquired it from my Uncle’s estate many years ago.

    I still have the DeJon starter, but was able to find an excellent Pierce-Arrow DELCO starter somewhere along the line.

    I have also acquired a DeJon generator, with distributor set up, but have not restored it and do not intend to put it on my Series 80.


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