Trippe Light wrench

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    Anyone have one of these they want to sell?

    Serrated Trippe light wrench.





    BTW, have you looked at the Bionic wrenches?

    They grab just about any nut head, multi-point or stripped heads.




    I thought about that, but there is a very close tolerance between the support housing and the bolt head. It is a serrated head (see photo).

    I can’t find a socket/wrench that will fit and I don’t want to destroy the bolt, which is unique.





    Contact Karl Krouch.

    If anyone has one, it will be Karl.

    If he doesn’t have one, knowing Karl, with some lead time, he will be able to find one.


    PS: BTW, Karl will likely be looking at this post in the next day or so. Hi Karl!


    Bill, there are two sizes of the Tripp Light Wrench. I do not have any in stock at this time. I see them go for 50 Dollars on e-bay as of late. If you are going to bid on one make sure you ask the seller for the measurement across the socket. This bolt is recessed and makes any other option other than the original just about impossible to use. Karl



    There is a Trippe Light wrench on eBay for sale, unfortunately, it comes with a set of Trippe Lights and costs $1,400.00, plus S&H.




    I contacted a guy who is selling a ton of TRIPPE LIGHT parts and asked him if he had any serrated wrenches for the lights.

    He thought that he might and with luck will get back to me on the matter and have at least one for sale.

    If he does, I will be in touch.



    You might give Cord Blomquist a holler at

    His father, Richard Blomquist, manufactured the largest variety of Trippe Light labels, hardware and brackets ever.




    Thanks for another rescue. I email Cord and he said he didn’t have any.


    Is the guy selling all the Trippe parts tied in with Cord and the White Glove venture?

    Thanks for the help.



    No, it is another Gent.

    We will see if he gets back to me.



    Bill: I may have one, if I do I won’t need it, for I no longer have any Trippe lights. If you can’t find one, remind me in the middle of May, I will be back up North then. Tony



    Thank you. Catch you after the migration.



    Ok, FYI.

    I have found out that they are Gulmite tamper proof fasteners.

    There are various sizes used for coach, appliance and radio applications, apparently.

    Have a couple leads, but still no wrench.


    Once again I find an obscure subject to spend (some would say: waste) hours researching: the Gulmite tamper-proof fastener. Thanks, everyone!



    is a link to a site wherein a poster describes the process by which EDM was used to create a new Gulmite wrench. Apparently these fasteners were used on busses and this is the area of interest on this web page.

    Perhaps this process could be used to create new Trippe light wrenches? Posted in the hope this helps someone.



    I view the time spent is an INVESTMENT!! Keep telling yourself that.

    Just think, the next time you are in a trivia contest and the question is “what type of fasteners did Maytag use?”” then you will be the only one with the answer.”


    After all, I am a member of the “Keepers Of Odd Knowledge Society””.

    Hey! We resent the acronym…”

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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