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    We are venturing to Pocatello, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah and western Colorado. Aside from the Potato Museum are there any Pierce or other car stuff to see out there?




    Bill, can’t say I know of any Pierce related sites around there, but can recommend not missing the following if possible:

    1) Durango Silverton railroad. Stay at the Strater hotel in Durango.

    2) Mesa Verde National Park outside Durango (the cliff dwellings)

    3) Grand Tetons east of Pocatello.

    Being from Idaho originally, I can say there is a lot more to Idaho then spuds, but you need to go further north.




    There is a tremendous amount of beautiful places to visit within the Idaho, western Wyoming, Utah, and western Colorado area. I agree with Jim that the Grand Tetons are worth the trip. I have been to the Tetons 6 times and they are still as amazing as the first. I would also consider the following: Black Canyon of the Gunnison in western Colorado, Craters of the Moon in eastern Idaho, Arches National Park near Moab, Utah and Dead Horse Point, south of Moab. The Unita Mountains, just outside of Salt Lake City, are wonderful as well.

    I have visited all the national parks in UT, WY, MT, CO, and SD and my favorite two places have been Dead Horse Point and the Grand Tetons. I am ready to go right now.



    Jim and Ryan,

    Thanks for the great options. Only one on current agenda is Arches.

    The Tetons sound like one to do. My tour guide tells me we don’t have time for them all.

    Have a happy 4th.



    Jim and Ryan,

    Made it back. Hit Craters of the Moon, EBR-1 the first commercial electricity generating nuclear reactor, circa 1951 which is near the National Labs, in the middle of nowhere Idaho. Man is that place desolate. Makes the Craters of the Moon seem like Manhattan. I am glad I didn’t have a Geiger counter. Nuclear everywhere. If you don’t like crowds, this is the place for you, restaurants/gas missing too.

    Got to do thru Arches and Canyonland/Dead Horse. Was very impressed with Canyonlands, town of Moab, not so much. Bought my $80 lifetime Park Pass and got that back almost immediately.

    Stayed in a vodka distillery (Marble Vodka/Distillery Inn) in Carbondale, CO. The distillery has 5 guest rooms in the complex and was really a cool setup. The only PA thing I saw on the trip was 2 photographs of Archers. One without a bow and arrow and one with the arrow under the hand.

    Thanks again for sharing your input.

    Bill and Peggy.


    The nuclear plant sounds like an interesting trip, I will add it to my next Idaho trip. I can’t believe the nuclear plant area is more desolate than Craters of the Moon. Glad you had a good time.




    Hopefully next time you can go north to the forests, mountains and lakes. Being from North Idaho (Coeur d’Alene), we often had a couple of hurdles in explaining when we were traveling back east. 1) disbelief there was any state called Idaho – yes I mean literally. 2) If there was acceptance that there might be such a state, it was confused with Iowa. 3) If there was knowledge of Idaho, it was limited to the I-84 southern corridor of farm country flat lands and desert between Pocatello and Boise. A bit like visiting Hawaii and only seeing the black volcanic rock at the south end of the Big Island.

    We’re not sensitive or anything!


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