Trico vacum windshield motors

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    I am in need of a Trico “RSL 85 and RSL 84 windshield motor(s) for my 1932 Model 54. Can anyone satisfy my needs. Almost any condition will do. Please respond with a photo and price.”



    Look in the Parts & Services section of this website.

    In there, under Body & Trim is a listing for Windshield Wipers.

    In that section is a list of Sellers & Repair guys.

    I have used David Ficken before for obscure parts, and perhaps others.



    Peter, I tried David Ficken. Does not have the motors in stock. Thank you for your response.


    This shows up in the AACA forums:

    Clean-Sweep Windshield Wiper Motor Service, Sales and Rebuilding

    Kent Jaquith

    2633 SW Obsidian Unit 15

    Redmond Or 97756



    David White, thank you for the suggestion. I’ll give Clean-Sweep a call in the morning. Ron


    Ronald, I noticed on the AACA Forum that he winters in SoCal, so if you don’t get him, check that forum, I think I saw a winter number.




    Clean Sweep is also listed in OUR Parts & Services Directory.



    Peter, I sent an email to Kent. Hopefully he will have what I am looking for in his inventory.


    The motors you want are very rare. I had one of the few original pairs that came with my 31. They were Trico motors, decorated with a lot of filigree, decoration, etc. Messed with them for years, plating, rebuilds, finally left the Model A repo chrome plated ones that came with the car, that I think are still available, bolt right in, etc. Moreover, most cars have these Model A wipers installed, most owners won’t admit it or don’t know that’s what they are. I sold the unassembled original pair, plated for $300. Didn’t want to assemble them, ’cause I was pretty sure they were not going to work.


    Tony, thank you for your input. Your suggestion is very much appreciated! Ron

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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