Travelodge tongue weight?

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    Does anyone have any idea of what tongue-weight for a Model B Travelodge should be?


    My bet is on 10-15% of trailer weight. That should be in the 300 pound range.

    I’m not speaking from an expert viewpoint on Travelodges, just a rule of thumb that varies slightly with weight of trailer, and these are light trailers.

    Can I come see your trailer? I sent you an email, if you didn’t get it let me know, will be in the wonderful State of Louisiana next week, hopefully it gets me out of the State of Confusion! dc


    No, but I know that the tongue weight of my Model B exceeds 400 lbs. I searched all my files and found no numbers.


    Thank you David & Bob. David by all means come by. The crawfish are just in season and really fat this year. Bob you can come too. I’ll bet you don’ have any boiled crawfish to eat in your area yet.


    Mine is very heavy. I would guess 300+


    Here’s a picture of the Harrah’s pair, taken about 1984 when the collection was still more or less together….


    The tongue weight on my Model B was measured today. It is right at 500 lbs.


    Doesn’t surprise me……….I think when actually towing a trailer for long distances I will add air shocks to the rear…..or maybe airbags between the frame and spring. Kits are available. You can then level the car by just adding air……a good setup.


    I think the airbags would be a good choice, as we do not have load-equalizing hitches on the PA. The bags can be cross-connected to keep the pressures equal.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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