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    I am in need of an original Travelodge coal/wood fired heater for the Model A I am restoring.  Any leads would be much appreciated.



    At one time Merlin Smith was talking about having doors recast, that’s the only part that says Pierce, and the rest of the stove, while not easy to find, is a standard stove of the time, I forget the brand.  I know an original sold a few years ago, but they are more rare than the trailers, and there aren’t that many trailers.


    A stove has sold as high as 5500 dollars. The doors were recast, and they are now out of production. The generic stoves are tracked on eBay, and often sell for 2500 or more. I haven’t seen one sell for almost ten years now. Most of the trailers are missing them.


    We have authentic Travelodge stove reproductions almost ready. If you will text me a phone number (to 318.549.8122) I’ll send pictures.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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