Trans and Differential gear oil recommendations for pre 1916 cars

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    I have a few cars from 1908, 1914, 1911 to 1916. Would like to flush and drain fluids.

    An earlier discussion about 1603 cars using NAPA GL1 and GL4. Would these work in my early cars?

    I also have additional cars from 1920 to 1960. At what point do the EP gear oils are OK?


    Bill….early cars need more attention to what you are using than the later stuff. Most of the people active here are post 1920 collectors. I would talk to someone in HCCA or someone who is very active in restoring and servicing earlier cars. If you call Lucas Oil help line, I am told they are very helpful.


    I use in the gearbox of my 1915 Pierce Arrow C-3 a mixture of 600W which I believe is 140 or 160 weight and and a 250 weight straight mineral gear oil.This is what I was told to use by a former PAS member now deceased who drove his car across the country.In the rear axle and pinion shaft I use the straight mineral 600W.I purchased these lubricants from Classitique who unfortunately are no longer in operation but today Restoration Supply can supply them.You ask about later cars: My 1929 Pierce Arrow and 1930 and 1931 Packards take 140 straight mineral hypoid gear oil in the rear axles and 600W straight mineral oil in the gearboxes.You do not want sulfur in these oils due to brass and bronze parts.I would talk to the people at Restoration Supply about what they might suggest given your climate.


    Very interesting! Restoration Supply does sell the antique car lubricants made by Penrite of Australia and I believe they are the US distributor for the Penrite line.The people who had Classitique made it very clear about the dangers of using sulphur based lubricants in antique cars.I have a good supply of their lubricants on hand but when I ever run out I will most likely go Penrite.I have their literature which talks about ingredients.I also have literature in my files from Classitique that goes into great detail.I am most particular on what goes into my cars whether it be lubricants or fuel.Penrite seems to specialize in antique car lubricants so they are sensitive to these concerns it appears.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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