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    I’m wondering if teens/twenties Pierce top latches (front bow to windshield post) might be the same as 1922 Stutz or other makes.

    I need 2 usable latches that fasten the canvas top front header to the windshield posts for my 1922 Stutz KLDH Touring.

    My rusty one is pictured below. It has a slider which engages the notch on the windshield post.  There is a coil spring that the post presses against, and another smaller spring that keeps the slider engaged until it is pushed to release.  Size is 2.5” across.   Any help is appreciated.

    Bob Jacobsen



    The latches on my S 36 cars are different. The first is from my touring car the second from the Runabout. They fit over a ball on the top of the windshield post.  I don’t know about the earlier cars. Check with George and see what his ’18 has.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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