Top Materials And Pantasote

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    Considering the fabric samples  we saw at tha AACA Museum ibrary in Hershey, I wondered if anyone has any original Pantasote; either  material removed from a Pierce-Arrow, or sales samples as we saw. I thought perhaps such material would good to have as an historic record; the  possibility to say definitely that “here is what it was”.
    In reading about Pantasote, it turned out to be an interesting company with several different products. Best I could tell, it is still a going concern.


    Pantasote is a rubberized fabric from what I can tell.My 1915 Pierce Arrow C-3 Five Passenger Touring Car still has the original Pantasote top.It is a lined top with a fabric liner similar to that on older Volkswagen or Mercedes Benz lined tops.A number of car makers in those days used Pantasote for their tops.


    Randy, I have three sample books from from the era showing Patnasote material. One is by my desk at the shop, if you would like photos text me and I will send them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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