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    I saw this tool wrap on Ebay.

    I have an original 1932 Pierce Arrow Broughm Coupe and would like to start putting together a tool kit.

    Is this tool wrap appropriate for a Pierce or is this something someone threw together? The E-bayer gives no year to which this wrap is correct.

    Is this appropriate for my 1932?


    Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH


    The tools for the eight cylinder cars tended to be Fairmount and carried the Pierce Arrow script.I believe this kit was assembled but at the right price it could be a good start.The original pouch for my 1929 Pierce Arrow was a rubberized pouch with the Pierce script .My 1929 is a roadster and some tools were carried in the left front door pocket.The manual for your 1932 should give a tool list.


    Hi Tom,

    Just a note I started a Discussion on this eBay item under Tool Roll a couple of days ago. Greg Long gave a great detailed breakdown of it that you may want to look at.



    Hi Tom.

    The ’29 and later cars had, as W. Scorah stated, a pouch instead of a tool roll as the Ebay set has. The Series 80/81 cars and possibly/probably the series 33/36 cars used the tool roll with the individual leather straps to hold the tools.

    Some of the tools in this kit would be appropriate for your ’32, but there are only 7 or maybe 10 items that are either marked >Pierce> or are items in a Pierce kit that were not stamped with the >Pierce> logo.. such as the very small double open end ignition wrench with the riveted-on feeler gauge.. this is for replacing then adjusting the points, and sometimes this tool has two feeler gauges, one marked points one marked spark plug.

    Greg Long


    Thanks for everyone’s advice.

    I need to get a manual for my 1932 so I can see all the items I need.

    I have been searching Ebay for a manual but have seen none.

    Any suggestions on where I could get a paper copy or electronic copy?

    Tom W.



    Copies of the PAS literature collection are available from the AACA Library.They should have the 1932 manual and parts book.


    I just got my package from the AACA Library. I have a copy of the owner’s manual; not a very clear copy. It does not mention anything concerning the tools include in the car.

    The parts manual copy I got does not mention the tools either.

    I’m still at a loss to find documentation of the tools so I can start the process of putting together a proper tool set.


    Tom W.



    I don’t know if it helps but here is the parts list for a ’33

    Key case 736633

    Jack Handle 703554

    Tool Roll 703719 This includes every thing below

    Tool Bag 133113

    Screw Driver 130528

    Hammer 131141

    Pliers 130529

    Spark plug wrench 727771

    wrench open end 1/4 and 3/16″ 179316

    Ditto 3/8 and 7/16″ 179317

    Ditto 3/8 and 1/2″ 179318

    Adjustable wrench 172990

    Wheel wrench 701314

    These are for an 8, the 12’s have different open end wrenches


    Missed one

    Jack 703806


    There is another ebay kit aabout to go off



    Yes I saw these but I wanted to be sure that I am purchasing the correct tools.

    Is there any other sources of documentation other than an owner’s manual or parts manual?

    I understand there are several tool guys that set up at Hershey every year. I wanted to be educated on what I needed before I go there next year.

    Tom W.



    I seem to remember there was a comprehensive listing of various years tools in one of the PASB’s. Try a search on your PASB discs. Every Pierce Arrow owner should have this indispensable resource.

    When my brain gets into gear I will dig out the reference. BUT please do not hold your breath. Compliments of the Season to y’all



    I did search the PASB DISC. I found that PASB 2004-2 gave a very detailed list of all the tools included in our Pierce Arrows from 1907 to 1935.

    Now I will correlate that list with the parts book for my ’32. I will re-evaluate the tool kits for sale on Ebay.


    Tom W., Dayton, OH



    The tool kits shown above are overpriced, especially considering fewer than half are P-A tools.

    One should be able to assemble a set for half of the cost shown.

    Contact Karl Krouch for the tool roll and various tools.

    Karl is the go-to guy for such items.

    He has more tools than one can possibly conceive (thousands & sells them at Hershey) and has excellent tool rolls made by the Amish Dudes in Pennsylvania.



    David Coco picked up one of Karl’s tool rolls for me at Hershey. It is an excellent product. Karl must have three hernias from carrying all that stuff to Hershey every year, but we really appreciate him doing it, as well as his knowledge in this area. He usually has an interesting Pierce for sale as well.

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