The Optima RedTop 6V Battery Deal Starts on 22 March

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    Ladies and Gents,

    The Optima RedTop 6V Battery Deal Starts on Monday, 22 March and Ends on Friday, 2 April @ Midnight!

    See the Emporium for Details!

    Questions, Contact Me.



    To the good Dr.:   Happy days are here again! I can’t wait to get a large charge. Thanks for making good things happen.




    Tony & PAS Gents & Ladies,

    It is always a good thing for me, through Optima Jim, to make you and other PAS members SMILE 😉  with this offering.

    The Optima, RedTop  6V Battery Deal begins in THREE DAYS (Monday, 22 March) and runs through 12:00 Midnight on Friday, 2 April.

    Don’t procrastinate, buy early and you can buy; ONE, TWO or THREE Optima, RedTop  6V Batteries at a Great Price with Free Shipping to your designated address.

    See The Emporium listing for Details!




    Gents & Ladies,


    Get them while they are available (Until Friday, 2 April @ 12:00 midnight).

    See the Emporium for Details!



    Gents and Ladies,

    I will appreciate it if everyone who takes advantage of The Optima Battery Deal posts a blurb like; “I GOT ONE TOO!” on this Message Board.

    By doing so, the posting will stay at the TOP of the Message Board Listing and provide better visibility for members.

    Further, I will not have to come back here every three days to get it back up to the top.




    Received my batteries today!



    I got one.  Don


    I got +TWO+ too.

    My new-to-me ’32 has an Optima battery in it. Much to my amazement, that the last date code sticker on it, none of which are punched-out. is ‘99‘. Whoever heard of a car battery lasting 20+ years? This thing should be in the Optima museum. Yup, still sarts the car.


    Dear Sir:

    I am having troubles with the web site. They will not accept my address as it doesn’t make google maps happy. I have been using the address I inserted as my street and delivery location for 25 years. I regularly get delivery by UPS and other delivery outfits using this address and no one has ever refused to allow me to insert it in a delivery address section form. I want 2 batteries. Can you help?

    Your frustrated friend,

    Tony Costa




    Your address is listed as a PO Box.

    Is that what you are using to have the Optima delivered?

    If so, that may be the problem, as I can only get mail and SOME packages sent there.

    For certain things I order, they need to go to a Physical Address, especially if they are Hazardous in any way, shape or form.

    Check it out.



    Hi Peter,

    Our Post Office is rural and won’t deliver to a street address and will return to sender if so addressed. UPS and Fedex deliver to my door but won’t deliver to a PO Box address. I inserted the address that UPS and Fedex have used to bring me my packages for 25 years and google spit it out. We have a grid system that issues house numbers according to how they show up on a map. It’s 6 numbers. If you’re out in the middle of nowhere the fire dept. knows exactly where you are. In tracts , the house next door’s number has no relation to the one next door. I am using the number the previous owner gave me that he had used since 1964. The grid number system had been initiated before I bought the house, so I tried to find out what it was. I went to the water dept. and county assessor, no luck. I still have no clue what it is and I continue to use what the previous owner gave me, and it hasn’t hurt me until now.

    I inserted: 100 Pine Circle   Westwood, Cal. 96137      It rejected it and gave me 5 choices below the rectangle that I had put my correct address in, and none were my address or one that would work.

    I’m beginning to think google is discriminating because of the color of my skin.

    So , Im hoping that somebody at Optma can take a call from me and can bypass the system that will not allow UPS (or?) to have my street address that Amazon uses successfully umpteen times.

    Sorry to bug you,

    Tony C.


    Got mine 😊



    Did you have any luck by calling Optima to figure out how to have the battery delivered to your home?

    I recall that I was once a visitor to your homestead with Col. George on one of the Modoc Tour weeks.

    I recall a passel of barns, sheds and car trailers, each filled with an Absolutely Glorious pre-war vehicle.

    You have a nice, but largely hidden, collection of beautiful motorcars.

    OOPS, the secret is no longer a secret!

    You better stop feeding those Junkyard Dogs so that they can aggressively fend off any potential vehicle snatchers.




    I haven’t received mine yet, but I am expecting them in a couple of days.  Peter, thank you for your efforts.


    Got mine today.  Thanks Peter for your annual efforts to help keep our cars starting.

    Tom Barrett, Cleveland


    Gents and Ladies,


    Get your Batteries while there is time remaining, otherwise you will have to wait until 2022.




    Gents and Ladies,

    The OPTIMA, 6V, RedTop BATTERY DEAL is DONE for 2021!

    Let us hope that Optima Jim / Optima Battery will run The Deal again next year.

    Thank you for your participation.



    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for setting up this offer.  I was able to purchase the limit of 3.  They are on there way.   Thanks!

    Some positive feedback – I know of at least one NEW member who joined the Pierce-Arrow Society because of this battery deal.   He has had an interest in Pierce-Arrow’s for a long time but was really drawn to join NOW because of the amount of member benefits we offer as an organization.   Thank You!

    Ben – from Way Out West.

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