The most amusing SCAM I have seen

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    After advertising for a 1933 Pierce-Arrow headlight switch on the AACA forum, I received an email from, stating he has ‘1933 Pierce-Arrow parts, “email me for more details”.  I replied “please describe in detail what you have, pictures are helpful.” He replied:

    “Here is the attached picture of my 1933 Pierce-Arrow. I²m
    breaking this car for parts because of my health problem as I need to sell the car
    on time to raise funds to take care of my health problems.I want you
    to send me the list of parts that you are after , so that I can give
    you prices for them .
    I will also need your exact delivery address to allow me know if the
    delivery will be practical to your door step .
    My Regards .”  [no name]

    THE PICTURE of the car he was “breaking up” WAS OF A 1933 PIERCE SILVER ARROW (1 of 3 in the world) !!!

    I googled his email, and it turned up in a Russian dating service under “”

    Caveat emptor.



    I’m so disappointed that you didn’t buy your part from this hurting fellow. It’s obvious that you too would be very infirm if you had to part out your ’33 Silver Arrow. It must be debilitating to your healtth to run a dating service out of an 89 year old car in a winter in Mother Russia. Have you no heart?

    Respectfully, Tony

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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