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    After advertising for a 1933 Pierce-Arrow headlight switch on the AACA forum, I received an email from, stating he has ‘1933 Pierce-Arrow parts, “email me for more details”.  I replied “please describe in detail what you have, pictures are helpful.” He replied:

    “Here is the attached picture of my 1933 Pierce-Arrow. I²m
    breaking this car for parts because of my health problem as I need to sell the car
    on time to raise funds to take care of my health problems.I want you
    to send me the list of parts that you are after , so that I can give
    you prices for them .
    I will also need your exact delivery address to allow me know if the
    delivery will be practical to your door step .
    My Regards .”  [no name]

    THE PICTURE of the car he was “breaking up” WAS OF A 1933 PIERCE SILVER ARROW (1 of 3 in the world) !!!

    I googled his email, and it turned up in a Russian dating service under “”

    Caveat emptor.

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