The automotive advance that almost saved the PAMCC

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    The stunning automotive advance that almost saved the Pierce Arrow Motor Car Company – the Turbo Encabulator



    You are obviously kidding!

    Read the comments on YouTube!

    The YouTube posting is a big DUH and OMG!

    Thanks for the Monday Morning Laugh!



    Happy April 1st!

    A few years ago, Car & ran a web article (on April Fool’s Day) that Toyota had acquired Oldsmobile’s trademarks from GM and they were going to resurrect that brand to fill the gap between Toyota and Lexus. Needless to say, the internet blew up over that announcement.


    Thank you so much for bringing up this topic.

    I spent a year of my Engineering career looking at the encapsulated phrenometer, a theory much like the one that you have mentioned.

    I, too, think it would have saved Pierce, but the emogulator that was designed, and had to be by the way, because of the angloid parniperty that existed in the original conception, was in no way compatible with the gloicoid connection that existed in the Pierce drivetrain.

    In fact, it was very clear soon on that the Eggulators that drove the transversal enomitors would soon wear out, cause a major strain on the bigarcal joint and thus, very possibly, causing the entire circus to shut down.

    I’m very thankful that these people did research, and I’m glad that in my year of study I realized that the emucaulating fulcrums and the calcanting levers just would not work in this application.

    But hey, that’s how us Engrineers move forward and make the world a better place!


    This is your phrenometer after its first megger test. Nice engineering work .




    Bob, I remember that one, we had the cling rate on the phrenometer turned up too high, exciting the cycloramas multicoilometer, which then sent an erratic signal to the phronus multivalve.

    Luckily, no one was injured…..ah, that picture sure brings back memories….

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