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    Gents and Ladies,

    I post this because we have received the final issue of The Arrow with the illustrious Roger Sherman as editor.

    Roger took over at the wheel of The Arrow after our equally illustrious Bernie Weis (RIP) relinquished control to him.

    In the years that followed, Roger created countless iterations of The Arrow that will go down in PAS history as quite simply outstanding.

    For those of you who know Roger, you understand that he is a Gentleman in the highest and most modest sense of the word.

    I am extremely lucky to have Roger as a good friend and I know him to be a thoughtful conversationalist.

    Roger is never short of some sage commentary on automotive history and the details associated with particular Pierce-Arrow automobiles.

    He waxes eloquent about many P-A cars, and has made me blush in his describing the history of my Series 80.

    Roger was also my passenger on many tours, and what a charming passenger he is.

    I am confident that Pierce-Arrow Society members will miss Roger’s version of The Arrow, even though I am likewise confident that his successor, Steve Rossi, will do a fine job.

    If you have the opportunity to meet Roger at any future PAS Meets, I strongly suggest that you approach him and thank him for his years of outstanding effort on creating one, after another, outstanding Series / Model of The Arrow.

    We all thank you, Roger!




    I second everything peter said about Roger.  He has done an outstanding job with the Arrow for many years. It is a pleasure having him  as a friend and fellow PAS member.

    If you are interested in more of Roger’s writings, he has written a book, Charles Clifton of Pierce-Arrow: A Sure Hand and a Fine Automobile, available from the PAS Company Store.


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    Thank you for the reminder about Roger’s magnum opus, that stares me in the face whenever I lift my eyes from the keyboard and look at my bookshelf.

    It is a fine compendium and BRAVO for Roger for putting in the effort to compile such a masterwork.

    It is not necessarily easy, or exciting reading, however it is an comprehensive treatment of the career of one of the founders of the Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company.

    We are lucky to have Roger on the Pierce-Arrow Team.



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