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    Can anyone tell me if this is the type of tappet insert that, with a spacer, can use a ’37 to ’41 ( I have seen as late as ’48 mentioned) Cadillac insert.

    This is out of a ’35 and I understand there was at least one or 2 other versions.


    Looks like the original ’33 to mid ’35 due to the spring being down in the follower rather than above. Not interchangeable with Cadillac.




    I was afraid you were going to tell me that.






    Ok, I am anticipating the worse case scenario since I can’t use the Cadillac inserts.

    That would be I have defective plungers that are not repairable and John C. doesn’t have any either.

    I have a set of ’32 adjustable tappets. Any reason I can’t use them?

    Thanks in advance.




    Are you sure they are defective?


    I only have experience with the late ’35 version. Can Greg or somebody confirm the tappet is original? The shiny band at the bottom looks suspicious to me and the spring gauge gives me the impression that it might be  stiffer than the springs on my ’35 (mounted externally like ’36). Wondering if this may have been modified from original to try and fix a problem?



    I haven’t tested them yet. Planning ahead, just in case I have a problem.

    They are like the ones that came out of my ’33.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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