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    Hello All. I have a simple question! I have a 1934 840 A and I have it in storage at this time. I have been looking in to purchasing the 6 volt positive ground led bulbs and I am not sure of the bulb I have in my brake and turn signal? I believe it is a 1129 bulb? Any HELP? Thanks. I found a company and they are around $6.00 a piece. Free shipping.


    Kevin, I *run* 1129s (21 cp) in both tail and stop/backup in my 840A, but I believe they originally were 63 (3 cp) for tail and maybe 81 (15 cp) in stop/backup. I haven’t tried LEDs yet, but the 1129s make a terrific light show! Tail only showing in the photo.



    Here is a link to LED bulbs.

    They don’t specifically show a 1129, but may have it.





    You are a veritable fount of all information Pierce-Arrow!

    you do Excellent work.

    Bravo, Bravo!



    Here is some more on light numbers from PASB 1998-1.

    Peter, Thanks. I don’t know it, just where (or who) to find it.

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