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    Does anyone have a copy of the “1933 Green Book Custom Car Supplement”?




    I might. I’ll dig around and see if I do. I thought you had EVERY piece of 1933 literature?



    There are several copies on ebay. Just type in Green book.




    Yeah, right, and there are several Pierce-Arrow automobiles on eBay for $25 , too!

    (The Green Book “Pierce-Arrow Sales Facts” for 1933 is one of the most scarce pieces of Pierce literature existing. There is one for every year of Pierce in that era, detailing all specs, body dimensions, paint & upholstery colors & patterns, prices, all body styles, and sales strategies. It is 175 pages, 4.5″ x 7″ format. I have a 1933, and a copy of a 1930. In the 1933 one, it refers to the “1933 Green Book Custom Car Supplement”, which apparently gives even further details on the custom bodied Pierces for that year, and which I would like to see, copy or buy. I have never even seen one.)




    Bob: Thanks for that rarity verification; did you check your text messages today on your cell phone??



    Cover of the Sales Facts book.



    WOW! Way to go, Greg! I thought BobJ was the eBay king but I’ll have to re-think that….


    David Coco IS the king of eBay.


    Nope, I’m just crazier than most people when it comes to unusual Pierce memorabilia!

    Ed owns one of the rarest items, he forbade me to bid on it when it came up!!

    Rick, “green books” are easy to come by, just not the Pierce kind!



    My mistake. I misread the pierce arrow part. I thought you were looking for a copy of the green book. There are several copies of that publication.



    That is one rare book……..I looked for years just for the regular one…..didn’t even think a supplement would ever be found. Should have my old 1933 1247 LeBaron EDL in it.

    Dave…….someday I will have to show you some other stuff……….still have a few sleepers that no one has ever seen.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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