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    HI all,

    Does anyone know when they first started producing steering column fans for cars?



    Hi Richard, I have never read a patent date or production date on a fan.

    I have seen both electric and vacuum powered fans..

    They might be a useful item for driving a car in cold weather, since there is no heater or defroster vents in a ’29 Pierce Arrow.. An aftermarket heater can be installed, but there is zero room for any defroster vents at the base of the windshield in a Touring car.

    Personally, there really is not enough room for any additional accessories in the 1929 cockpit. I don’t even like the spotlight handle, but at least it’s sort of up and out of the way on the left..

    I cannot visualize where a fan would fit and not be in the way of the driver or passenger.

    Greg Long


    1925 Trico


    The fan is about 5 inches wide. It attaches to the steering column. They are vacume powered. The problem I would have is the radio controls are also steering column mounted.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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