Started a drive — lost my headlight bezel, lens and retaining ring

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    Hi everyone-

    Last Saturday had hopes for a carefree tour with the Horseless Carriage club out in Danville CA. I was driving on 580 just a couple miles from my home in Oakland, going to meet up with George Teebay in San Leandro, when disaster struck. I had heard a new rattle and thought, man I need to check that- and then something fell off my car. Bad news. Checked my gages real fast then looked in rear view mirror and saw a shiny round ring in the middle of the lane. I went back later and recovered it, highly smashed and wrecked.

    The day before I had washed and waxed my S81 Philips convertible coupe, had wiggled all the lights, etc. Maybe I missed a loose retaining ring or maybe it broke. I have stress cracks in other parts of my headlights…

    I will post a wanted ad in the wanted section. Because my car (previously owned by Sinclair and Suzanne Powell) is a Philips semi custom body, it has bigger nice AGA headlights, not Pierce standard ones.

    Good luck everybody– check your headlights!

    Don Benham

    Damaged bezel


    Adding to Don’s post:  These are “bracketed” headlights on a Phillips catalog-custom convertible coupe body.

    * The lens is a Bausch & Lomb 9.25″ STAR (same as 1927-28 Series 36)

    * The outer ring/bezel is 10.5″ OD and 1.25″ outer surface depth (i.e., front to rear)

    * The inner retaining ring is unknown (too crunched to be measured) but it is NOT that used 1916-26 as reproduced at one time (I compared it to one of those not yet installed)

    Don, can you post better photos of the complete AGA headlight showing the bezel?


    UPDATE:  Please see Don’s post in The Emporium where he shows more accurate dimensions taken with calipers.


    So sorry to hear this.  You have a lovely car and it is so difficult to have such a problem.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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