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    Was there an operating manual published by Pierce for the first cars, the single cylinders? The reason I ask, I’m trying to figure out a piece of literature that I have in my collection, appears to be a collection of mimeographed pages, with some illustrations taped or glued into place, that goes into great detail about care and operation of these first cars. I don’t know if it’s an earlier draft, or a later copy, or ???? thanks David Coco Winchester Va.



    There are a couple of Stanhope operating manuals in the PAS Library. You can download these (and virtually ALL Pierce-Arrow passenger car owner’s manuals) by clicking on the “Library” link, searching for the appropriate year/model, and clicking on the download link in the left column. There are two manuals listed for the 1903-1905 Stanhopes.



    Thanks, never thought to look there, appreciate it….


    Interesting…very similar to the one I have, though mine has illustrations throughout instead of three at the end….interesting too that the 1901 shown in library even has the note that it may be a “draft”, just as I was thinking about this one….


    One of the pasted in illustrations…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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