Spring shackle pin removal

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    Happy New Year everyone.

    I thought I would start the year tackling the shackle bolts. I had viewed this with some fear and trepidation.

    First I had to remove the pin retaining screws. Heated the screw then the boss with my hot wrench. I heated the boss until the rust burned off then melted a piece of candle wax on the screw and they turned right out. Maybe 2021 isn’t going to be so bad.

    While the boss was still hot, I melted more wax in the screw hole and on the outside of both ends of the shackle pins.

    I used a 4″ sledge to drive the pin towards the center of the car until it was flush with the boss.

    To push the pin the rest of the way out, I used a tie rod end removal tool. I had trouble keeping the press bolt centered on the head of the shackle. It wanted to walk off the head so I put a retaining bar on top of the press and held it in place with a large “C” clamp on  the frame.

    Pin pushed right out, but it was very tight.

    One day does not a year make, but at least it started off in the right direction.

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