Sponsorship Award at Monarch Concours

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    Hello Everyone,

    Twila and I wanted to share our award with you. We got a Sponsorship Award at the Monarch Concours Show today. It is a beautiful hand made award that they put together for the winners at the car show.

    What intrigued us the most is the business that gave us the award. The business name is 805 Beach Breaks. This is a newly legalized business in our area. We will let you figure it out. This is crazy California.

    Ken and Twila


    Congrats on the Sponsorship Award.

    You have a great car, what’s not to like?

    Looks like the weather held up for you guys further up the coast.



    Thank you, the weather was fantastic here. 70 and sunny.


    Gee Ken, this award must be a new high for you!


    Congrats!! did a goody bag go along with the award??!!


    Bob and Duane,

    You guys Crack Me UP! We are Smiling Ear to Ear!


    I thought you just had to be crazy to own a Pierce Arrow, now it seems you have to be “high””!”


    Is that a Series “420”” in the background?🤣”


    Thank you everyone. The Butterflies in the award are Monarchs. The Golf Course is named after them. Pismo Beach is a migratory area for the Butterflies. It is quite the sight to see them in the Eucalyptus Trees clumped together.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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