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    Thanks to all for the comments for the other discussion about wheel rim terminology. Now that I plan on changing my own tires on my split rims, I want to get a split rim tool. Does anyone have a split rim tool they would either donate or sell to me? I do not want to go the ebay route. I never trusted that site. I prefer dealing with friends. I will be at the annual meet in Indiana, so the exchange could occur there.



    I have one in North Carolina that I would loan, but it might be too small as it’s for the Ford cars. If you don’t find one quickly I will dig it out and measure it.


    My guess is you need the truck tool, as the car ones will be small. You may want to keep measurements of your rim in your wallet. Hershey has them for sale often……….


    Mark – Thanks for the offer. I will get back to you.

    Ed – excellent idea. Will do.




    Here is one from eBay.

    It is like the one I have, a Pacific.

    The advantage of that particular brand / model is that the two adjustable legs extend and contract (lock in place), so they accommodate large rims.

    That feature is essential forgoing this task.

    Also make sure that you get some Tire Talc and Tire Lube, otherwise the tube won’t seat properly and regarding the Tire Lube, the tire will stick on the rim and you will NEVER get it on.

    Also, buy a set of Motorcycle tire irons, they are cheap and essential.

    Don’t use tire irons with squared edges, as you WILL nick the tube and have to patch it or us an unblemished tube.




    Robert and Mark,

    Make sure you get the Pacific rim tool that has the expandable legs.

    I just looked on eBay again and they also list Pacific rim tools with fixed length legs.

    Here is another.



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