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    Can someone give me the diameter of the wooden block that covers this square post on my 30 Coupe? I also would like to see the finish washer that goes against the top material, Thanks, Karl


    Hi Karl. I’m having difficulty seeing what this is in the photo. This photo is actually a good photo for detail and size, but I just can’t figure out WHAT it is in the image.

    Could you add another photo taken from a bit further away with possibly different lighting?

    Then Maybe my dim-bulb brain will pick up what I’m looking at ?

    Thanks. See you in a week or less.

    Greg Long


    Greg, this is the lower landau bar mounting pin.(just behind the door) There is a center drilled dowel with a square 3/4 inch hole that slides over this pin. The wooden dowel gets covered on leatherback and conv. coupes with top material. There is also a covered washer? or a rubber washer? against the body at this location. I am thinking this was about 1 1/2 inches on my last coupe. the upper front location also has a 3/4 inch pin mount with the threaded cap nut. I will get another photo later today. Karl


    arm pins for bars


    I was able to take a photo of the wood blocks covered with top material on the 1929 Pierce coupe at the AACA Meet yesterday that I am missing for my car. I did not have anything to measure the diameter of the parts, but maybe someone will now be able to understand what I need. They are the same coupe and Conv. Coupe. I need the measurements for top and bottom covers. Karl





    Wow you got to love the new website for the photo quality compared to my Feb,2020 post on this thread!!! look at the same February picture  posted again. No changes , just the new site doing it’s best for the Society. (LOWER PIN) Karl



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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