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    I need some .010 gasket material for the gearbox and behind the hydraulic tappet blocks on the engine. I tried Restoration Supply and a general google search. Any clues??



    I saw the Ramgaskets and their 2.5mm is probably close enough. Hat to go to the UK if I can find it here.





    I have several different thicknesses of gasket material in my shop and I measured one at .0095 thick. It is stamped Mc Cord and I purchased it at a local auto parts store many years ago. I did a web search for Mc Cord and all I came up with is lawsuits against them. I am guessing they are out of business or have been bought out. What I have left is a small piece so unless what you need it for is really small, I can’t help you. NAPA sells some Fel Pro roll material that is .015 thick. I suggest you contact Fel-Pro.


    When I needed some very thin gasket material I used a paper grocery bag and Hylamar Gasket sealer. It’s thin enough to soak the paper so it won’t wick and still seals. Jim L



    Great tip. Just what I was looking for. Now if I can just find a paper grocery bag.




    Be careful with paper bags…..the fibers could break loose and plug the lifters……..I would source correct gasket material, and be sure nothing is blocking the oil passages. Do NOT use any sealer on the gaskets for the lifters…..install it dry.


    Ask Sandy Olson (Olson’s Gaskets) I would be surprised if he couldn’t help you



    Here you go!




    That stuff is pretty cool. Thanks.


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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