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    Good day, I own a 1936 seven seat sedan. I know there was 11 of them made (or left?).

    My questions are:

    * Maybe someone know many of them were without separating wall between driver and passengers?

    * Also maybe someone have decent photos of interior that is without one?


    Hello, as many things in this world, it’s not quite that simple. Five, seven, and nine passenger sedans from 1936-1938 are all the same body or shell. Only the interiors have differences. Please post your cars number information…….engine, chassis, and body numbers as well as post a few photos. There were differences in the upholstery and trim. You will find many people here to help you. Best, Ed


    Mine is 1601 model, seven seater without driver separation.

    Serial nr.:2600103

    Engine: 314319

    Body: 144M78

    It’s being restored right now. Right now it’s just a body on frame. Interior was too worn out to use as guide for restoration so I’m seeking some photos and some general information






    Engine, gearbox, chassis and most of the wood and most metal is already restored. A lot of nick nacks are chromed. So what’s left is interior and body finishing. Any info/photos regarding that would be appreciated

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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