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    I am starting the laborious process of cleaning the undercarriage of my 1928 convertible coupe.  The gunk is almost half an inch thick in places.  Since the transmission housing is aluminum, I am assuming I should not paint it.  The front axle and rear axle and diff. had been painted black at some point, along with the frame and cross-members.  Is that correct?  I am particularly curious about the wooden bits.  The floor board sections appear to be oak painted black on both sides.  Much of the rest of the wood underside looks like natural oak, unpainted and–I think–unvarnished.  Beneath the seat and the rumble seat, however, the boards look like pine or ash maybe, unpainted.  I don’t expect ever to be showing the vehicle in competition, but I want it to be “right.”  What colors/finishes do judges look for on 81’s?


    Jack Davis


    To Peter Williams

    Somehow my reply to your last that included the photo of your floorboards and linoleum got lost, so from memory here it is again–

    First thanks for the response and the very helpful photo. Even if the photo is from a 1925 roadster, the setup is very similar to my Series 81 convertible coupe.

    My floorboards are composed of parallel lengths of oak, tongue-in-groove, fixed together by perpendicular battens on the underside. I see no sign of any lino ever having been glued on them, nor of any molding. Makes me suspect they are aftermarket.

    Could you tell me what your floorboards are made of? Similar to mine, or maybe plywood, which was available then? And if not too much trouble, could you send a close-up or two of the aluminum molding? I assume it wraps around the edges of each board? I’ll need to have something similar made I guess.

    Can anyone with a Series 81 confirm that this molding was standard issue on them?

    Thanks again Peter


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