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    The electrics on my 1928 Series 81 all worked great briefly when I rewired the car, but now the lights are a problem. Power is getting from the battery to the ammeter in a strong signal. The dash light works just fine. Power is getting from the ammeter to the proper position on the light switch [#5 I believe]. From there it is getting to the coil and on to the generator in a good strong signal.

    But. The coil is getting very hot, which means current is backing up or crossed somewhere? The light switch sometimes gets power to light the parking lights [which I actually have hooked to the auxiliary position on the switch]. At the moment no power is reaching the parking lights fuse from the light switch. But while a signal does get from the light switch to the headlamp fuse, it is weak, and I find no power coming to the junction box on the front of the frame. There is also a weak signal at the fuse box for the gas tank sending unit.

    Most of this seems to point to the light switch being the problem. It worked great awhile back at all points. Now just the parking lights sometimes. Is that switch something that needs to be taken apart and cleaned or revitalized? I am reluctant to mess with it, since I gather  they are hard to find should I mess up this one. I should add that I have checked all connections and they are secure.

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