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    Just saw this listing on ebay for a Series 81 front bumper with mounting brackets.  Since I have not seen an original mounted in place, I have no idea of this is really the right item or not.  It is priced at $1,000 or best offer.  No rear bumpers with it.  My 81 has chrome 1929 bumpers, which are more attractive but of course not authentic.  Does this tube and brackets look right, and is the price reasonable?

    Jack Davis


    There’s a 1925 on eBay with that style bumper, you might be able to get some information from the seller.


    Thanks Mark.  They look exactly the same.  I went ahead and bought the bumper since who knows when I’ll see another one.  Now to find the split rear bumpers!




    Glad you got that bumper Jack. Mine is chrome plated, but I believe painted black is correct. Mine needs the little round end caps.




    Jack, suggest you search for “bumperettes” as they were known, used on 1920s cars with rear-mounted spare tires.  They were aftermarket accessories.  Some were tubular to match the Pierce front bumpers, but most are plated double flat bar.  You may well wind up fabricating the spring steel “irons” or mounting pieces, best done by borrowing an intact set of bumperettes from another car.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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