Series 80 Oil Pressure Variation

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    Since I assumed care of the 1927 Series 80 from Gus and Ev Young, I have noticed from time to time the oil pressure would take  a sudden dive toward the scary side of the scale. After some observation I noticed this was happening when the Car was on a downslope, as a driveway, or else was tilted. It never goes to zero and it doesn’t stay low very long but it worried me enough that I removed the oil pan for a look.
    Nothing appeared amiss; everything was suitably clean and right for an overhauled and nicely-performing engine. I did notice, though, that the normal oil level only barely covers the suction screen at the pump which is located on the rear, driver’s side of the pan, when the pan is dead level. I attach a photo which shows the pan; notice Series 80 oil pan, reara stain where the normal level is in relation to the pump.

    Referring to the Series 80 Factory owner’s handbook, the valve in the passenger side of the pan is called the “high-level test cock” so that is the maximum oil level. When I compared the oil pan to the lowest position of the moving connecting rods, I found there is plenty of room for a higher oil level without risk of the moving parts striking the oil and causing foaming. I propose to increase the oil level by adding a little more than the recommended 18 pints to see if this steadies the oil pressure. Comments and suggestions are of course welcome.

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