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    During the wiring of my 29 DC phaeton the mechanic came across a head scratcher.

    I purchased some running board lights that are Pierce arrow. Possibly a year off, maybe not. Depends on who you ask. Anyway!

    The rear passenger door jam was the only one that had a factory pre drilled space for a light switch/door button, mechanism. Once wired and the door opend the running board lights came on along with the vanity light by the floor in the rear compartment.

    Is that pre drilled hole made for a light switch or was it made for a diferent option?? The button mechanism fit in the space perfectly.

    I didn’t want to start drilling holes in the original wood frame so we only wired it into that door.




    I can see why there would be confusion about whether or not a 133 should have courtesy lights on the splash aprons. I’m attaching photos of two different DC Phaetons (one with and one without). For ’29 was there a Salon package where it could have been added?


    Second photo. Both are 133 DC Phaetons.


    Mine was a very early production 29 based on the vin. It did NOT have the salon package. I was very fortunate to find an original pair from a very nice doctor. :)

    I put them on my car. The wirering was there in the original harnes. However, there was only one factory opening for the switch. It was on the pasenger rear door jam.

    It actually makes sense for the time. You would open that door for the owner. it was the curb side and would light up the interior dome as well as the running board.

    The owner of the yellow DC might be able to tell us if the lights come on when any of the four doors open, or just one like mine?










    p.s. Did anyone noticed the bolts holding the radiator shell in palce are already rusting? No worries, the stainless replacements came on friday. OMG, rusting already blaaaaaaaahhh. In rust we trust!!!


    The photos of the yellow car were taken as part of an auction 12 years ago. I can’t offer anything else other than that the serial number which is 2005167 which is remarkably similar to your car. 2005167 is not listed in the current roster. In 2007 it was owned by a Mr. Randle in Indiana.


    Richard, it only had the one switch. I have seen them wired to turn on with the parking lights on two cars only. I like the idea of them on with the parking lights, and it’s how I am doing my car, a 1931 Series 42 Dual Cowl. Car looks great. Best, Ed


    Richard: it is REALLY nice to see your car getting back together into one big, beautiful car !!

    It surely is looking great !!

    Greg Long


    Thanks everyone. Everything that is reattached brings this baby to life. Hood and fender spares next. :)


    I know my car is not an open car, but my interior lights and running board lights only come on when a door is opened if the parking lights or headlights are on.

    My car has door jam switches on both rear doors.



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