Runabout or Roadster?

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    I recently acquired a 25 Series 80 Roadster and was in the process of updating the Roster, when I began to notice. . . .

    Some cars in the Roster are called Roadsters.

    Some cars in the Roster are called Runabouts.

    What’s the difference? Is there a difference?

    As to what these cars should be called, my guess is that we should call them whatever Pierce-Arrow called them in that particular year.

    So can anyone look in some sales literature for 1925 and tell me if they sold Series 80 Runabouts or Series 80 Roadsters?

    Thanks — Luke



    In the Sales Catalog for 1925 it is called a Runabout. Congratulations.



    Congrats on the new purchase.

    Post some pictures.

    We love pictures. :)


    I thought you’d never ask !!! :-)

    Here you go:




    I love the vintage airplane cockpit feel to the driving position.



    That is a Beautiful Runabout. I may want to look for one to add to our stable.

    Hope to see it at a meet.



    It will be at the Indiana Meet.

    It is there where I’ll “take delivery”” !

    — Luke”


    Very nice car and you can christen it in Lake Pottawatomi. I look forward

    to meeting you and the car.


    Great car….congratulations!



    I’m looking forward to meeting you and your car! I will have my 1928 S81 Coupe Convertible at the Indiana meet- a little like yours but with roll up windows.

    -Don Benham


    Speaking of Series 80 Runabouts: Does anybody know of one of the Series 80 Runabout that used to be in Taos,New Mexico about 1961 then went to Colorado?

    It needed a restoration but was solid.I believe it was purchased new by Waite Phillips of the Phillips Petroleum family and I do have the serial number of his car.His car though does not show up in PAS roster.I remember looking at this car when I was just a kid.It was painted green and sitting on a roadside display.


    Luke, that is a great car.

    Congrats on the new purchase!


    Luke – A great looking car. I hope to meet you and see your car at the Indiana meet.

    Don – I’m looking forward to a trip around the block in your new ride at Indiana.



    Dave-and Luke-

    ….of course you can get a ride or drive it! And Luke can compare and contrast with his runabout! We’ll have a blast! We certainly can go further than around the block!! It has an overdrive- I guess so far I’ve had it up to about 50 or 55.



    Don – Have you been having races with Greg in his ’25?


    Dave- haha – no races yet. When I was a kid, maybe in 1967, my dad took me to a car show at SLAC, Stanford Linear Accelerator. Very old cars. Brass era. 1899 to 1920. There was a race between a gas, an electric and a steam car. The steam car won, but somehow crashed and tumbled over. They were going about 25. No injuries!

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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