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    I lost my notes, what side does the pinch bolt go on?


    Solid side of piston skirt goes on the thrust or cam side (left, viewed from front)?

    I hate memory loss.


    I have done the internet search thing and it appears if the Pierce 8 is like other period cars the pinch bolt goes on the cam side.

    Anybody know anything different?


    Bill, I don’t have any pictures that show mine – not that it is right anyway. If I recall the rod has a squirt hole for cylinder lubrication on each and it is symmetrical. If so it shouldn’t matter the orientation of the rod as long as the skirt slot is on the correct side, that should be noted in the PASB’s.






    Thanks for the feedback. I am running the “stroked” rods and they have the 2 oil holes. Must be from ’34?/35 on.

    I have 826 rods that only have one hole.

    What side should it squirt? Cam side?  If I know that I can figure this out.




    Bill, PASB 84-1 says the squirt hole should be on the right side of the engine when viewed from behind.



    Great, that makes sense. I can figure it out now.

    Thanks for looking that up for me.




    Ok, that means the head of the bolt is on the left as viewed from the back, or opposite the cam.  That would put it on the numbers side of the rod. I guess the right one is a 845 not 840.


    At least that’s what I think.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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