Robe Rail Bar – 1/2″ Slit Steel Tubing Needed”

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    I need to replace the Robe Rail in Jane’s 32. Joe lost one of the brackets when he had replated years ago, and we got a good matching set from John Cislak, and Paul’s Chrome did a marvelous job of restoring and replating them, along with straightening a trim strip that I munched. I now need about a 6′ section of 1/2″ rigid steel tubing that is slit lengthwise like the original so fabric can be tucked into the slit. Any source?”


    It’s called open seam tubing. It’s out there but hard to source. I’d make it if it were me, take regular tubing and have a metal worker friend grind or machine the slot.

    The other method would be to cut your cover fabric to the exact circumference needed, glue to a solid rod with seam on lower back of rod, and hand sew the seam. I’ve done it that way on a few cars…..


    David B,

    Do you have access to a vertical mill? Jim L


    Pipe and conduit are basically sold on the ID dimension, so no, 1/2″ rigid is .840 OD and EMT is .607 if I remember.


    I’ll do some digging and see what I have or can make.



    You can find 1/2 inch OD steel or SS tube stock at McMaster Carr fairly reasonable with quick shipping.



    Try for tubing and they sell short lengths. Jim L

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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