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    Short story: I have a 1929 Pierce with wooden wheels and I need a good quality 19″ split rim for a wheel.  

    Long story: After putting on over 5,000 miles in the last 5 years on my 1929 Pierce, when I walked into my garage the other day to get something, I noticed my 1929 Pierce was leaning to one side.  Walking around the car I could see the passenger side rear tire was flat (must have happened while it was sitting since I drove it home safely a few weeks ago and didn’t notice any problems).  On further inspection, I saw an ~7″ section of the vertical lip of the rim had broken away at the 90 degree bend from the horizontal section of the rim (pothole damage, rust, metal fatigue, other?).  It does not look repairable so I am looking for a replacement.  I drive the car frequently (~1,000 miles per year), so I need one in good condition.  If you have one you want to sell or have a lead please contact me.


    P.S. Yes, I just learned there are no inner tubes currently available in this size. I will get over that hurdle after I tackle this one.



    You might try Coker if you get stuck. They advertise a 20″ lock rim, so maybe they can do a 19″?

    As they advertise

    We hand-craft rims for antique and brass era vehicles right in our own machine shop. Impossibly rare restorations depend on our expert craftsmen to recreate authentic steel rims as well as the wood wheels that came on these priceless automobiles. “

    Good luck


    Dear Bill,

    Thank you for the suggestion. I did call and talk to a person at Universal Vintage Tire Co. (owned by Coker). Yes they have 19″ split rims. However, they are too narrow (2.75″-3.3″) compared to our cars’ rims and will not take the proper size tires (700-19; suggested rim width 3.5″/3.75″ – 4″ depending on which tire). The search goes on…



    Also, to be clear, I need a split rim not a lock ring rim.




    Years ago, I had Coker MAKE me a Split Rim for my Series 80.

    I sent them a detailed drawing of the rim, cross-section included, along with photos of it.

    I also sent a photo of the locking mechanism.

    The rim was a size that they did not make (width-wise), but they did create it for me.

    It cost a few bucks, but they got a very nice one to me in relatively short order.

    However, you may have already had this conversation with them.

    Good luck and perhaps you need to scour eBay.





    Thank you for the suggestion.  I did not talk to them about making rims to my specifications.  It’s worth a shot.  I will call them and see what they say.




    If you make rims with them…….make six.


    If this fails, contact Cislak and then whip out your roster and start calling those owning a similar car. Want ads in the HCCA Classifieds, AACA, and here may be fruitful. In the old days, rewards for info or parts were offered. If you have too much money, be like Harrah, buy a parts car, take off what you need and go into the parts business.


    Dear Ed and Tony,


    Thank you for the suggestions.  I am still chasing leads.




    Hi Robert,

    I have been chasing the same problem for 6 months.  I was able to get my hands on the basic rim for the 19×700, but without the bevel and bead that allow them to attach to the wheel.  Vintage Tire in PA.  I found a welder who had access to a lathe that could turn them to shape after welding them in, but it was going to be tedious to do the weld without warping the rim.   I wasn’t confident they could do it correctly, so I am still searching or other options.    Coker used to make them, but they parted ways with the guy that ran their wheel fab shop.    If you find someone to make them, I am interested in at least two.



    Dear Rob,


    Sorry to hear you are struggling with the same problem.  I am surprised there are no used rims out there to be had.

    With the help of some friends in the restoration business, we are trying to locate someone who will make new rims.  If I manage to find someone, I will tell you.





    I got a kick out of your suggestion “buy a parts car, take off what you need and go into the parts business”.  I do not have the space or the time to start a chop shop! As we are all aware, Getting rid of everything we don’t need is the hard part.



    Rob and Robert: Flip a coin, loser buys the 19 inch wire wheels, lock rings and brake drums John Cislack has for sale, then the winner can buy the new “EXTRA” wood rims from the other guy…. (they call it plan B”) I wish I could help both of you, but I don’t have any in stock. Karl



    Thank you for the suggestion.  That is one potential solution.


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