Richard O. Moyle, Richard W. Moyle, Oglesby, IL

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    During our recent trip out West, we had dinner with the Great Grandson of Richard O. Moyle, who operated the Marquette Cement Company in Oglesby, Il. Somehow the discussion got on to cars (surprise) and when I told him I had a Pierce and a Packard, he said that his Great Grandfather and Grandfather (Richard W. Moyle) had Pierce’s and Packard’s. He was pretty sure about the Pierces.

    We have been able to trace the Packard part of the story (below). This must be the Grandfather. He would have been 37 years old. It is a ’37 Twelve, (touring or Limo, can’t tell) that he bought new based on the plates. Very Expensive car for the day.

    So now I am turning to the Pierce side of the equation. I guess that with the decline of Pierce in the ’37-’38 period, if he liked Pierces he might have been forced to a lesser car.

    Do we have any record of any Pierces with the name Moyle associated with them in Oglesby, IL? I know the Packard was in his possession for at least 22 years as he took it to England on his 55th wedding anniversary. The Great Grandfather was born in the 1868 in Cornwall, England and died in 1950, so might have had a very early Pierce.




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