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    Now that my new to me 1931 Model 42 Sport Phaeton is running strong and reliably and because weather is starting to turn, I have begun disassembly for restoration,  interior in rear passenger area removed (wow, a lot of tacks).  Have discovered I will need to fabricate the rear wooden tack bar as the one there is fairly rotted out.  The rest of the wood in the body looks great!  Will occasionally post pics and updates.  Rear interior removed


    Have fun with your restoration!  Remember, it’s not one big job, it’s 3000 little jobs.

    From a trimmer’s perspective, take a lot of pictures, save every piece for reference, and preferably, have the person who’s going to upholster the car come visit and give you some tips on what to do and what not to do. For example, continue door jamb paint around the edge, as the upholstery won’t cover the very edge of the door.

    I’m working on a car now, if I’d been able to spend 30 minutes with the person in charge of the project before it was restored, it would have saved the owner a couple of thousand dollars in needless work getting an interior in it.

    If your seats need new “socks” for the springs, make sure you mark where each individual spring is located in the backrest or cushion, as there can be many different lengths and spring rates in each assembly. I did an article on this in both the PAS “The Arrow” and the AACA magazine.  The socks are necessary to keep the springs in place and quiet.

    On your tack strip, I highly recommend using white ash.  A lot of people like oak thinking “strong as an oak”, but that’s a large grain wood that splits easily and doesn’t like tacks.

    From personal experience, if you take the doors off and remove the hinges, make SURE you mark where each hinge goes.  I had a fellow work on my phaeton and threw them all in a bucket, unmarked.  That will ruin your day.

    I believe the Murphy fastener right behind front door is incorrect.  There’s a special fastener, with a socket in the body, that should go there.  Someone correct me if I’m wrong on that.



    Good luck with your project. I see you have impeccable taste buy having a Morgan to keep your Pierce company.




    David,  thank you for your suggestions!  Especially on the hinges as I may have done just what you cautioned against.

    Bill, your post made me laugh, you have an eagle eye spotting the Morgan.

    I really appreciate all inputs and suggestions.




    I thought I would post some pics of progress on my 31 Model 42. Have completed cleaning up the undercarriage and painted the frame. What a messy job. Have parts out for chrome (am going to chrome the shutters 😀), more parts out for powder coating and am beginning the process to paint. Except for the tack rail for the convertible top, I cannot believe how good of condition the wood is in


    Received my chrome back and reassembled the shutters.  Getting excited.  Paint After Chromeshould be complete next week.  Old



    Wow, that looks great.

    Good luck with the rest.


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