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    Have you renewed your membership yet?

    It’s easy to do while you are online. Don’t wait, renew today!

    Go to Member Pages, click on Manage Your Membership, choose: Subscriptions

    If your membership expires on January 31, 2021 click the red “Renew”

    *If you don’t have a PayPal account, click the button below the LOGIN, “Pay With Debit or Credit Card”

    Thank you for renewing your membership with the Pierce-arrow Society!

    Donna White

    Membership Chair


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    I’m a little confused here.  I checked my membership status and it shows that I paid $45 last December for regular membership, but my subscription expires in 2024.  Did I prepay for multiple years somehow?  Please advise.


    Ken Muellner


    Hi Ken,

    I will look into this and email you directly.



    Greetings Members!

    Thanks to all of you who have responded to the Email reminder sent today.

    If you are still having trouble renewing online, please contact me…

    Thanks again,

    Donna White


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    If you are on the PAS website why not check to see if you have renewed!

    Click the RENEW button above. If your membership subscription expires 1/31/21, your dues are due. Please take the time and renew today.

    Click the red “renew” to the right of your membership subscription. You will be prompted to update the information on your profile.  You only need to do this if you have changes. Then go on to the PayPal payment system.

    If you need help please contact me;

    Thanks again,

    Donna White,  Membership Chair

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