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    We need to remove the rear wheels on our Series 81 7 passenger sedan — wooden spokes, split rim — in order to install new tires. There appears to be a keyway. Do we need a puller or other tool? Any suggestions appreciated.


    The tires should be mounted to the rim. The rim should be detachable from

    the wheel in some manner. You then would require a tool to collapse the

    rim inward to free the tire from the rim. Leave the wheel alone. The name

    of the tool escapes me. You should be able to find one on Ebay or at a swap

    meet. You could call Then & Now Automotive, 781 335 1925 , and they may

    have some ideas. They should not be very expensive. I guess I’d call it a

    rim splitter?


    The rim splitter usually is adjustable to several sizes, but one size

    doesn’t fit all sizes. Make sure you get one that will handle your needs.


    Karl Krouch sells the tools at Hershey and can be contacted through the website.



    To remove the rim from the wheel you need to take a large screwdriver and put it in the slot and leverage it a bit, then turn the wheel and do the same thing on the next wheel slot, move it again and do it again until you have the whole rim moving off of the wheel,

    Perhaps then you can use a rubber mallet to bang it off.

    Then follow Tony’s instructions about collapsing the split rim.

    The whole process is not easy and the screwdriver will scratch the rim, but there is not much you can do about that issue except touch up the rim.

    That stated, the rim will likely scratch again when you re-install it on the wheel.

    I attach a link for the split rim tool.

    This one is for a Model A, Ford, but I have one where the two leg will lengthen.

    The Ford Tool may work, but check with the seller as to what the total length is when fully expanded.

    Then, check out the Emporium for articles on how to do it.

    I wrote noe or two a few years ago.




    BTW, if you NEED to remove the rear wheel for whatever purpose, you will need a wheel puller that screws onto the hub.

    You need to get the correct diameter puller.

    I attach an example.


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